The difficulty of digital advertisements lies in the competition.

The more competitors are fighting for your target group and for your product category, the more you have to pay effectively for your campaign, since the digital advertising space is also limited, so to speak.

This leads to competitors outbidding each other for advertising space. This increases absolute costs and makes it increasingly difficult to run a profitable ad campaign.

A profitable campaign means that you end up making more money than you pay for the campaign.

The difficulty now lies in running an outstanding paid ad campaign that is very well received and experiences frequent clicks, orders and signups.

I would like to give you a few key aspects of successful ad campaigns:

Tip #1: Attention - Source:

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    Tip #1 - Attention
    The first step in selling is getting attention. Ads on Facebook, Google and Co. tend to get lost in the noise of the internet. Make sure your ad gets noticed by the viewer. It's about breaking through well-acquainted patterns, leaving the familiar behind and attracting attention.
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    Tip #2 - Structure
    All good marketing has a hook, a story and an irresistible offer. Now that the hook has caught the attention, you now have a small window of opportunity to connect with the prospect through a story, emphasizing the benefit and providing a compelling reason as to why the customer should act now.
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    Tip #3 – Emotions
    Arouse emotions. Harvard professor Gerald Zaltman outlines in his book "How Customers Think: Essential Insights into the Mind of the Market" that emotions are the real drivers of purchasing behavior and decision-making in general. Sober, purely rational ads work worse than emotionally charged ads. In particular, images and vivid stories (story-telling) help to arouse the necessary emotions in the viewer.
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    Tip #4 - Emphasize the Benefit
    People buy products because they hope they will either solve a "problem" or get an "upgrade" in life. Tax consultant Joe Bach, for example, prominently headlined a campaign with the following words: “Taxes too high? 15 instant tips for drastically reducing taxes”
    The question addresses the subconscious desire to reduce taxes. The instant tips promise quick success without commitment. A good exchange. The ad eventually links to Joe's website and his freebie (e-book) - the ad addresses the need to do something about the situation and suggests a reversible action that can be taken risk-free without using resources (= visit the website).
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    Tip #5 - Test Variants
    The potential success of new advertising campaigns is difficult to estimate in advance. For this reason, it is important to create several ad variants that compete against each other. For example, you design an ad with fixed text and create several variants of it with only different images. At other times, keep the same image and test different texts. That way, they learn and improve the quality of their ads over time. The strongest ad wins and is used continuously.
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    Tip #6 - Think Different
    While everyone rushes to Google, Facebook & Co. for advertising purposes these days, there is a high chance of success where not everyone is already active. For example, platforms such as online forums and online communities are recommended for direct promotion. The operators of the websites are generally very open and willing to place precious individual advertising.
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    Tip #7 - Learn from the Best
    Analyze competitors and how their marketing campaigns are structured. You can use these insights for your own campaign.

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