If your freebie is an e-book, it is advisable to further develop the usually very compact freebie into an actual, detailed book and upload it to platforms such as Amazon, Apple Books and, if necessary, also make it available as a print.
Each of these online book platforms have an enormous reach and enormous user numbers. These numerous users are looking for information. You are looking for answers to problems. If you offer the answers to problems with your book, you can continuously win new prospects and customers.However, one should avoid taking up a book topic that is too general. It is better to write a useful guide for a specific niche that is of the highest interest to the targeted audience.
If the topic is too unspecific, you compete too hard with similar titles. As a result, competition is very high.Sales proceeds from the book itself are only of secondary interest. It is more important to introduce yourself to interested parties so that after reading the book they want to learn more about the author and his products and thus subscribe to the newsletter, follow social media activities and order follow-up products. The book acts as an introductory product. 

Video Courses

Video courses are a very attractive way to passively earn money online.
You can offer any number of courses. As long as each course has a benefit for a defined target group, nothing stands in the way of success.
If you publish all your video courses on your own website, your own online academy will emerge over time. You can either offer these courses for a one-off fee or offer them as a subscription for a monthly or annual fee.
Basically, the higher the perceived benefit of the video course, the greater the willingness to pay higher prices. Video courses are often sold between 20 and 400 euros. In individual cases also up to 3000 euros and more. However, if you want to call up mid to high four-digit amounts, it is advisable to use physical live events. A beautiful event in an impressive conference centre conveys higher value than pure, passive videos.
An important recipe for creating successful video courses is the careful evaluation and observation of prospects and customers. It is important to examine which topics are relevant to the target group and which are not. Before a new video course is activated, a small beta-test should take place. This means: Selected customers get exclusive early access to the course and in return they have to provide their feedback. That way, you get another chance to improve the course before it's made available to everyone.
Because, laboriously built reputation can be lost very quickly.

Audio Courses

Audio products are comparable to video courses, but the visual component is not always necessary. Think, for example, of audio courses to learn foreign languages, or audio content that provides instructions for meditation (guided meditation). The advantage of audio content is that it can be consumed passively. An audio course for learning a foreign language is suitable, for example, on the way to work or when shopping in a store.
Little is required on the technical side to produce audio content. A high-quality microphone and software for editing the audio recording are primarily required.
Content can be recorded by you or by a professional speaker. You can then make the audio material available to your customers and prospects on your own website either free-of-charge or for a fee.


Podcasts have been enjoying increasing popularity since around 2018. Podcasts are comparable to TV programs that appear cyclically in episodes and - depending on the genre - convey information or entertainment acoustically. You can start your own podcast or appear as a guest in other podcasts and thus ensure awareness of your brand. As soon as your own podcast has gained sufficient reach, you can either advertise for other companies in your podcast for monetization or promote your own products and services. Podcasts are an interesting medium due to their great potential for growth. If speaking is your thing and you enjoy the idea of spending 30 to 60 minutes a week talking about your main focus and related topics, then you should give this medium a serious try.


Webinars are live shows on the Internet that you can register for and participate in digitally. Typically, a webinar consists of a moderator who conducts a presentation and imparts knowledge to viewers.
Viewers cannot speak directly to the moderator, but can comment and submit questions via a chat box.
Participation in webinars is usually free-of-charge. However, this often ends up with a sales pitch promoting the owner’s course, book, coaching, or other product or service. Webinars are useful sales tools because we humans tend to trust someone more when we can see and hear them. Someone who listens spellbound to the moderator for more than an hour is willing to invest in the topic, trust has been built up and it doesn't take much to purchase subsequent, helpful products.
A laptop with a webcam, a high-quality microphone and a provider who provides the webinar software is sufficient for implementation. Professionals mostly use WebinarJam. A more cost-effective solution to get started is WebinarNinja. Microsoft Powerpoint or Google Slides are suitable for presentations.
The art of this medium lies in speaking passionately about a topic that you are actually interested in and that you possess the appropriate expertise. You must also promote the webinar in good time. If you have already successfully built lists of interested parties using your newsletter or social media, you already have a valuable tool for alerting potential interested parties to your upcoming webinar.
Physical Products
In addition to digital products, it can also make sense to sell physical products. For example, a nutritionist could sell dietary supplements on his website in addition to digital products. A physical therapist might sell therapeutic products and equipment.
The idea is that you have some level of trust in your own community. Segments of your community are looking for purchase recommendations and don't want to undergo agonizing online research to find the best product. In this case, it is an added value for your community if you take over this process of research and comparison and honestly promote products and present them as a solution.
At first you don't know how much need there is for certain products within your community. For this reason, it is advisable to test the topic with little effort. An easy way to get started is to advertise products from other manufacturers and online shops (e.g. Amazon) to your community. If an interested party follows your advice, they will be taken to the provider's website and if a purchase is made, you will receive a commission through the recommendation.
If orders are placed in this way, you can go one step further and establish a Dropshipping cooperation with a retailer who sells the products in question. All you have to do is take care of the (digital) order acceptance and forward the order data to the Dropshipping partner. The partner takes care of the picking and shipping of the goods, as well as the support. This way, you can count on a higher commission than with the previous model, but at the same time you don't have the complexity and hassle of taking care of the processing and shipping of the orders. Because this is the responsibility of the Dropshipping partner.
If you get to the point where you sell larger quantities of products, you can also contact the manufacturer of the products directly and use your own brand as a white label. This means that the manufacturer adds your name, logos and message to the product. For the customer it seems that this is really your product, and that it can only be ordered through your channels and website. In this way, a novel product is created.


If you offer services such as personal coaching or group coaching, you can advertise them prominently on your website. Pay attention to having a comprehensible description of the services offered and, if possible, present as many useful customer testimonials as possible. This helps to eliminate any mistrust and remaining doubts.
Services are usually much more expensive than video courses. For this reason, it is particularly advisable to promote the service to buyers of the video courses. Individual coaching is the next step, and follows after completion of the online courses (= up-selling)

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